When Your Flooring Fails, What Now?

If you feel that your flooring has performed in a substandard manner, has noticeable physical damage, or has been improperly installed, you need to arrange for a “Certified Flooring Inspection”.

What is a Certified Inspector?

A Certified Inspector is qualified to inspect flooring problems and render an opinion as to what party is responsible for the flooring failure.

Certified inspectors are trained to render independent conclusions based on the specifics of the claim including the history, conditions of the flooring, site environment, specific measurements and applicable field testing.

Areas of responsibility may be one or more of five:

Manufacturer: Responsible for defects in the floor that are either visible or latent

Installer: Responsible for any installation that is not done according to “Industry Standards” or “Manufacturer Specifications”. Manufacturer installation standards are always the minimum standard to adhere to.

Consumer: Is responsible for any site related problems that relate to poor maintenance or damage.

Specifier: Is responsible for any product which is installed or placed in a use for which it is not designed.

Acts of Nature: Are defined as situations and/or conditions beyond the control of man.

WARNING: It is advisable to ask questions of an inspector prior to commissioning his or her services.

Some questions to ask:

• How many years of industry experience? (15 years minimum is best)

• How many years of experience as an independent inspector? (more than 10 years is best)

Background Questions You Should Ask An Inspector: 

• Do you have any installation experience? 
• Do you have any sales experience? 
• Manufacturing Experience? 
(Installation and Sales are helpful, if not the best combination)

The Investigative Process:

After being commissioned, the Inspector will:

1. Perform an onsite investigative evaluation to:

• Define the problem
• Obtain a chronological history of the flooring installation and material
• List detailed observations of the problem area(s)
• Perform Field tests, photo documentation if required and record the results                                                                                                         

2. Write comprehensive inspection report containing:

• Statement of claim or problem(s)
• Site description
• Product description
• Claim History
• Detailed physical description of problem(s)
• Numbered photos documenting problem(s)
• Field test results
• Applicable industry and manufacturer standards
• Conclusion based on collected data and field tests
• Identification of responsible party
• Recommendations to resolve, rectify or repair the problem only if asked for

Inspection Fees:

No two sites or circumstances are the same leaving us the need to discuss each case individually.

Please call us to discuss the flooring and problems with the flooring. 
The costs are related to: 
• the specific product installed as different tests, testing equipment, and materials and time are required, 
• where the flooring is installed such as basement or main floor and sub-floor types
• the problems with the flooring 
• and the distance from our office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Travel charges may be included for inspections outside city of Winnipeg.

Please call: (204) 510-4211 to discuss your flooring problems. We can quote you a guaranteed fee with the information given over the phone and inspection fee are due upon time of inspection.

Are Certified Inspection Reports Legal Documents?

“Certified Inspection Reports” are legal documents written to offer as evidence in the event the opposing side refuses to offer resolution.

Our experience has given us the unique position of being able to testify in a court of law as a Queens Representative expert in the flooring industry.  We can testify on your behalf in a court case were expert testimonials are required.

Court Expert Witness Fees: Retainer required per agreement to serve
Minimum Fee (1/2 day) $500.00    
Over ½ day:  $1000.00
Plus Actual Expenses: Mileage, Air Fare, Car Rental, Lodging, Meals etc.

Please call: (204) 510-4211 to speak with us about your specific legal requirements or ask for more information during your call about having your flooring inspection completed